Food - Gastronomy - The Amazon

The food in the Amazon is nearly as exotic as the Amazon itself. With an incredible abundance of fish and strange, seductive fruits, the food here is surprising, tasty, and quite unique. Sit back and enjoy the flavors!

  • Fish balls from made from pirarucú fish (from the river)
  • A sweet and sour fruit called champes that is similar to dates (eaten after it’s been dried and toasted).
  • Cacay, similar to cocoa, also eaten dried and toasted.
  • Fish from the river (gamitana, cachama or tambaqui)
  • Boa
  • Snail soup
  • Frog legs
  • Purtumute: With a base of beans and grains  mixed with a sauce made with cilantro.
  • Tacacho con Cecina: Fried plantain mashed and mixed with pig butter, served with dried and smoked pork jerkey.
  • Cassava Tamales: Cassava, chicken or meat, and rice are mixed together, wrapped in a leaf and steamed
  • Inchicapi: This soup is prepared with chicken, corn, peanuts, cilantro, cumin and salt.
  • Cazuela (casserole): Made in clay pots, cooked over a wood stove, this casserole is usually made with fish or chicken and rice, corn, carrots and white wine.

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