The Amazon

The lungs of the earth; a place charged with energy, mythology, spirituality … and mosquitoes, the Amazon, named for female warriors in Greek mythology, is a place that surpasses anything imaginable. The air is impregnated with moisture, heat, and the sky cracks open for rainstorms that pound the ground, thrumming in sheets like a frenzied heartbeat. Then the sun comes out, burning hot, and the earth crumbles in muddy yellow cakes.

Don’t come here expecting jaguars and flocks of toucans at your cabin door. You’re not entering a Zoo, but a life force – impenetrable jungles, lush exuberance, the widest river in the world – a  place where time feels like it’s stood still and has managed to keep crowding towers of concrete away. It’s a place that honors the earth. Get ready to breathe.

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